4G bandwidth QOS issues with new FW 6.1.2

I have been working with the new FW 6.1.2 for about a week now. Appreciate the bug fixes pertaining to AP ACL and front panel wifi indicator. However the quality of service with respect to multiple users leaves much to be desired as opposed to FW 6.1.0. Efficient use of available network bandwidth is much less robust. Case in point a user trying to surf while another has a modest download running tanks both users to the point of oblivion so to speak. This is MARKEDLY adverse behavior to FW 6.1.0 with all other things being equal. Individual client machine settings/hardware/software have all remained the same. Only the router FW has changed making it apparent that the noticed behavior is connected with the FW. Have also noticed that router CPU usage with 6.1.2 seems to be MUCH higher and more erratic given the same workload. At this point I’m not sure if there is possible setting(s) that needs to be ticked or if this behavior is just inherent to the 6.1.2 FW. The device configuration was backed up from 6.1.0 and imported into 6.1.2 without a problem. Are there new settings in FW 6.1.2 that would seem to govern or alleviate this behavior? I am very partial to the new working AP ACL and front panel indicators working properly with FW 6.1.2 but the bandwidth issue trumps those two making apparent the need to once again roll back to 6.1.0.

Why is it not possible to JUST fix issues with the 6.1.0 FW which save for a few bugs works remarkably well? The subsequent FW releases have, at least in my case, been unusable due to new never before seen showstopper issues cropping up that were not present in 6.1.0. The FW 6.1.0 works reasonably well and other than a few bug tweaks would be perfectly fine. It seems with these last couple of FW revs the wheel has maybe been attempted to be reinvented? Just fix the bugs in 6.1.0 and leave it. It will be fine. Just my 2¢ worth…


Thanks for your feedback. Please open ticket here. When you face the same problem, please download Diagnostic Report immediately and turn on Remote Assistance for our further checking.

Glad to hear I am not the only one with issues.

TDComm, please open a support ticket so that we can take a deeper look at your case as it might not be related.


Can you share what is the model you are using? Appreciate if you can open ticket if you yet to do.

Than you.

Ticket has been opened. MAX MBR1 Verizon is the model. I did send a diag report. That file, to me, was just gibberish and unintelligible. I have since rolled back to 6.1.0 due to issues mentioned here. I take it no headway has been made regarding this then?


What is the ticket number?

Ticket #743528

Thank you, our support team will follow up with you on this issue.


Any progress on this???


Sorry for late. I have some questions and action needed from you. Please check the ticket I responded to you.

Thank you.

I have two clients with issues running FW 6.1.2 build 1597 on Balance One routers. The keep having Internet outbound only dropouts. Inbound is fine, as I can remote in via Port Forward or VPN, just cannot get out to Internet.

Device Event Log shows “System: Time synchronization fail” when problem occurs.

I have tried replacing the TWC modem with no luck.

Alternatively, I have three other clients with Balance One routers running the previous FW 6.1.1 build 1269 without any issues.
Strangely enough, my personal router is a Balance 20 running FW 6.1.2 build 2717 without any issues as well.

So, it seems that the common denominator (from my experiences so far) is the latest FW release on the Balance One.

Is there a way to rollback to previous FW version until there is a fix?

Hi Larussa,

It would be good for us to look into your case closer by our technical support team, please log in the support ticket here.

So apparently this issue has been shelved as I will not leave my router open to the internet except by appointment only. There are issues with this device and firmware that I can only hope will be FULLY addressed in the next firmware revision.


I rolled back to FW 6.1.1 and my issues went away.

Definitely something wrong with FW 6.1.2

Is there a upgraded 4G verizon modem for the MAX BR1 perhaps? One that provides better thruput? Is there a external antenna that works well with MBR1? If so what gain can be achieved? The firmware 6.1.0 reports ~-65-67dBm for signal strength - should that be sufficient gain for proper operation? The specs page for the MBR1 says that this modem will fallback to 3G. Is there a way to tell when the modem does indeed fallback and if so is there a way to strap the modem into 4G mode at all times?

still having the time sync fail with build 1550.

my fix has been to revert to older firmware.


Please open ticket here for us to check.

Thank you.

No one from PW responding to this eh ? Nice.

-65dBm is a good signal strength and you will probably not see any performance increase going to -60 or higher. The dashboard will indicate if the connection is LTE or 3G and if you click on the Details tab you have the option to force it to LTE only.