4 AP One AC Mini's and Balance 20 - Issues with Wifi Frequencies

I have 4 Pepwave AP Mini’s controlled by a Balance 20.

In the Balance 20 I attempt to manually select a 2.4 and 5.0 Ghz channels for the AP’s to use. However, the AP’s do not obey the setting and come up on random channels. When I leave the configuration in Auto I have AP’s that end up on the same channels.

This is what I am attempting to do.
1st Floor AP - Channel 1 for 2.4 / Channel 36 for 5.0
2nd Floor AP - Channel 6 for 2.4 / Channel 52 for 5.0
3rd Floor AP - Channel 11 for 2.4 / Channel 100 for 5.0
4th Floor AP - Channel 1 for 2.4 / Channel 116 for 5.0

Why do the access points seem to ignore the channel configuration from the Balance 20? Thanks for the feedback.

I had similar issues. I updated to firmware 7.0 to resolve it. I also had issues with the SSID coming back as “unknown SSID” in the logs. Moving to 7.0 made them work more predictably.

there is a new option in the firmware to schedule the rescan for channel balancing. Mine have seemed to figure out what they are supposed to do and I am running everything on full auto. I just had to exclude one channel that my neighbor seems to have a huge transmitter blasting his signal. Check the rogue AP page to see what wifi signals are competing with the airwaves.

You can find the beta of version 7 in the forum. I have had great success besides a couple of UI related bugs that seem to be getting better. I am thinking it was more browser related than web UI related. Good luck. You will notice a CPU spike at startup and config application, but it only lasts a few seconds and data still flows while it is happening.

Thanks, I will give this a try.

7.0 does seem to give you a lot better control over frequencies. The dynamic power is also a great feature. I am, however, experiencing some other issues as a result of the beta firmware. I posted that on a separate thread. Thanks again.