3G Failover no usage until primary connection goes down

I would like to know if all of your devices will do the following:

Primary Connection: Comcast Cable Modem (STATIC) WAN

Secondary Connection: Virgin Mobile Novatel Ovation MC760 USB 3G

I want to make sure there is no ping and absolutely no traffic going through the 3G until the primary connection actually fails as I do not want any usage of the 3G data plan until absolutely necessary. Most failover solutions always send pings to monitor the interfaces and that would generate data usage on the 3G connection which I am trying to avoid.

I need a very firm answer. Please provide me with a complete answer reiterating in your own words what I am asking.

Thank you.


The Virgin Mobile Novatel Ovation MC760 is a supported 3G device for the Peplinks. It can be strictly used for backup, and the WAN connection will not be used unless none of the always-on connection(s) are available.

You have the option to choose whether it stays connected or disconnects when this WAN connection is no longer in the highest priority and it has entered the standby state. When the standby state “Remain connected” is chosen, upon bringing up this WAN connection to active, it will be immediately available for use. If this WAN connection is charged by connection time, it may be set to “Disconnect” so that connection will be made only when needed.

Reply to ICMP PING can also be disabled as an additional traffic restriction. Outbound policy rules in the Balance routers will also let you control what traffic is to be sent out the mobile connection if you want to keep only the necessary services up and running during a fail over. Thank you for your interest in Peplink.

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The Peplink Team