3G/4G Link agregation - Clients


I would like to use several wireless links (3G/4G/Wimax) from a laptop to connect to an enterprise network. Is the Pepwave MAX Mobile router able to do that ?

Is there any software to install on the laptop ?

Thanks in advance

Yes and there is no extra software needed for the MAX. What enterprise network do we have, say an IPsec VPN network?

Thanks. It’s not completely defined yet but we’ll use a VPN for sure.

How can the laptop know on which network interface he has to send packets ? Is there any change to make on the laptop network settings ?

About performance:

Do the bandwitdhs really add or is there any loss ? On the knowledge base page you don’t really answer to the question:
Combining the bandwidth of all WAN links. 3M + 3M = 6M?

Our SpeedFusion VPN bonding solution will be a great fit for you. The MAX will determine which WAN link to best send traffic to so we don’t have to worry about that. In terms of performance, with SpeedFusion bandwidth bonding, 3M + 3M will be 6M, minus around 10% system usage that means 5.4M.

For SpeedFusion, we will need a Peplink Balance at your HQ/NOC to pair with the MAX. I am sure a local partner can look at your application more closely with you. You can locate one near you at http://www.peplink.com/partners/resellers/.