310 Internal DHCP server limit / practical maximum number of entries (for sizing)?

In a city center with a lot of tourists from abroad we do wish to offer a free and unencrypted Wi-Fi service. We expect 800 new devices per day (up to 100 concurrent).

The LAN segment of Balance 310 rev.2 is using a 192.168.1.x class C. Our current DHCP setting has a TTL of 14 days. That would collide quickly. We could reduce the lease time to 1 hour, and have a load of extra broadcast traffic.

Another idea is to setup a new class B VLAN for wireless guest access, f.e., to have 65 thousand of IP addresses, or even a class A with 16 million private IPv4 addresses.

Would the Balance 310 rev.2 its internal DHCP server be capable to handle a DHCP list of 8000 entries?
Or should we offload that to a separate DHCP server?
What would be a practical upper limit of the address pool size a Balance 310 DHCP server is able to handle?


So far we don’t have soft limit for the DHCP address pool.

For your case, i would think that this is more to the IP subnet that you need to use so that you have enough IP for the DHCP pool.

You can consider to use Netmask ( for class C IP address. This will give you 2046 available IP address. Put the DHCP lease time to 1 day and this should be work fine.


Network: (Class C)
Hosts/Net: 2046 (Private Internet)

Thank You

Hi Sitloongs,

Thanks for the tip and especially the example.