300 devices - pepwave surf soho mk3


Can I configure pepwave surf soho mk3 to go over the normal 253 dhcp ip addresses? I currently use a netgear wndr4000 and it is greyed out - won’t allow. Currently I have 250 devices on the Netgear with no bandwidth issues at all. Hoping the pepwave surf soho mk3 can handle that many devices also. Just want to confirm before I purchase.



Yes you can set a different subnet to support a larger number of IPs (like a /23 to give you 510 device IPs). 250 devices on a SOHO seems like a big number though. Guess it depends on how much bandwidth and how many sessions you need to support.


I will use it for my trade shows. Only a few days in an entire year. I have a couple hundred android tablets for ordering during the show. All connected via Aruba antennas. I also have a number of hard wired laptops, printers etc. I’ve never seen a bandwidth issue at all since at the most maybe 50 tablets might place an order at the same time. It’s all connected to my local web server. Anyway thanks for the info. I think this should work fine for me.


I agree, that should be fine. Good luck!