3 Fusion Hub linked


I would like to interconnect 2 Datacenter together which act as Hubs for their regions, one in Europe and one in Asia.

First datacenter is Amazon (Asia)
and the second one in Europe is not operated by Amazon.

In order to maximize the bandwidth between Europe and Asia, I would like to run a third FusionHub in Amazon Europe instance so the traffic between Europe and Asia go through Amazon backbone.

This third FusionHub will basically be connected to the other two FusionHubs.

in the case if I opt for a 100Mbits FusionHub license.

Will the bandwidth actually reach 100Mbits or will it be limited to 50Mbits between my two main FusionHubs (50 in + 50 out)?


Hi Ben Ze

A 100Mbps license is referring to 100Mbps out.

Assuming it’s 100Mbps for each of 3 datacenters…

Maximum you can reach between Europe and Asia is 100Mbps regardless of how you connect between them.
Based on my understanding, if your datacenters are connected via Europe <—> Europe (Amazon) <—> Asia (Amazon), and Europe (Amazon) is only used as a routing gateway between the other 2, maximum bandwidth between Europe and Asia most likely won’t hit the maximum 100Mbps (when you have bi-direction traffic concurrently) as it’ll be shared between the 2 VPN connections, so it’s even lower.

Hope the above answers your question. Do elaborate more if I’ve misinterpreted your question.


I understand now. In case I would use only 2 FusionHub is there any bonding mechanism between the two that will maximize the bandwidth?

I don’t think running Amazon/Asia - Amazon/Europe - other/Europe is the right way to go.
Your not going to save money by routing between Amazon in different zones as they still charge you for the data transfer and it will just add to the latency and routing.
Best option would be Amazon/Asia - Other/Europe

GNO-2014 is correct. Better to just use 2 FusionHub as point to point.
Regarding your question on bonding, FH supports single WAN, as it’s more meant for DC environment with a reliable network infra.
Bonding in this usually happen on the users office end which is using our Peplink/Pepwave devices.