2x PepVPN sessions/tunnels to same Balance 310 Router - is it possible?


Our office has a Peplink Balance 310 Router (BPL-310) deployed, running 6.3 GA release of the firmware. We have several VLANs configured within the Balance 310, each VLAN is for a slightly separate, distinct network.

Our boss wanted to have the “office network” extended to his home, using the Pepwave AP AC One Mini AP. He would like to have the possibility of being able to access all the VLANs in the workplace from him home. Therefore, my question is, can the same AP One AC Mini Access Point establish 2 separate PepVPN Tunnel/Session to the same Balance 310 router? I don’t seem to be able to do it, just wondering is this a limitation of the unit of something that I could have done wrong?



Hi Chuck,

We do not support having two separate PepVPN tunnels connecting from one device to another.

Hi Chuck,

Base on the description given, look like it’s more on the access control from the home network to the office network that having multiple distinct VLANs.

You should only need 1 PepVPN connection between B310 <----> AP One AC mini and consider to enable the routing for the distinct VLANs & use Balance 310 “Internal Network Firewall Rules” to control access for the VLANs.

For more information, please refer the screenshot below:

Thank You

Hi everyone:

Thanks for your replies and assistance - it is greatly appreciated.

I now have a better picture/understanding of what we should be looking at.

Thanks again.

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