210 Throughput

We have a pair of 210s in HA on 5.4.9, and upgraded our internet pipe to 100/20. Outside the router I can get 110 down with bursts to 150, and 25 up. Behind the router, the best I can get is about 65 down and up struggles to slowly climb to 15-20. Cpu appears to be at 100% load during these tests. Is there anything that could be misconfigured, or is this just the max the 210 can do?

If you have revision 1 hardware then it is only rated for up to 50 Mbps throughput. If you have revision 2 or later, then please open a support ticket here.

It is revision 2. Ill open a ticket.

The response back was that i need to upgrade. I find it interesting that I never get anywhere near 100Mb/s combined throughput. Besides running a speed test which pegs the cpu, If i just watch the monitor in the gui it stays above 50% almost all the time. Combined throughput of about 30Mb/s causes the cpu to hit 80-90%.

We need to investigate further and will follow up via the ticket.