2 Peplink Max Devices Proximity to each other in Airstream RV

I have 2 questions for this knowledgable group I hope you can help with, see under the Questions for Context as need as to why I’m asking. But they may be more general FAQ questions, but I could not find Searching.

  1. How close can you have 2 Pepwave Max units, can they be installed right next to each other, or is there a know interface issue within X feet?

  2. How close can you install 2 Poynting MIMO-3-15 2x2 LTE + 2x2 WiFi + GPS antennas each attached to their own Pepwave Max units ( is 2-3 feet to close)?

We have been using the Pepwave MAX BR1 for over 2 years and love it. We Recently purchased a New 2021 Airstream classic that came setup with a PepWave Max with an AT&T Sim Installed in the Front overhead cabinet on the left side (as looking inside at unit) and a Poynting MIMO-3-15 2x2 LTE + 2x2 WiFi + GPS Antenna at the front of the Airstream almost right above the Pepwave Installed location.

I want to also use my original Max BR1 with my Verizon and Other sims and custom configuration, as the Airstream installed pepwave unit is locked to only Airstream to be able to configure and you can not change any configuration, nor see its configuration, but it allows access to control features of the airsteam remotely on phone app and other features, so ideally, is leave it as is and use it for AT&T data as needed. I read others have wiped it to factory defaults to use as thier own, but you loose functions, and we have our own already.

We tried installing our Max BR1 behind the swing out Tv, mid RV and ran our Poynting MIMO-3-15 2x2 LTE + 2x2 WiFi + GPS Antenna up the Refrig Vent to mid roof. All seemed ok till we try to run the TV HD antenna with this MAX BR1 unit on, it really messed with the Reception of the HD channels through out the RV, this Poynting had to be about 2 foot from the Preinstalled HD antenna on the Rv roof, and not really room to move further to still use the Frig. vent as access into the Airstream.

So something needs to move and logically would be our Poynting MIMO and Max BR1 then as well.

I want to maybe install my Max BR1 in the Same cabinet in the front of the RV but maybe to the right (opposite side of the Airstream installed Pepwave (about 4-5 feet), then Drill hole in the Right Roof right to install our Poynting MIMO-3-15 2x2 LTE + 2x2 WiFi + GPS Antenna right above the our new relocated Right side installed Max BR1


Relocate our MAx Br1 on the left side near the Airstream pepwave unit and use the preinstalled Poynting MIMO-3-15 2x2 LTE + 2x2 WiFi + GPS antenna for ours and maybe run a smaller Cellular MIMO antenna to the Airstream Unit to allow it to get by on. Since the Airstream is all Metal, it needs to be external to get any decent Reception so would need a hole somewhere.

Thanks in advance, sorry for the length of this, but wanted to paint a picture of what we are thinking of trying to do and why…