2 captive on 1 peplink balance

Dear Support,

i have 2 radius server for staff and student authentication,
is any peplink balance can run 2 captive portal with 2 radius authentication?


Hi Nethers,

We do support 1 Radius server only.

I believe you have separated the Vlan and SSID for staff and student. Below is the suggestion:-

  1. Vlan 11, SSID = Staff
  • Security Policy = WPA/WPA2 - Enterprise

  • No Captive Portal enabled on this Vlan.

  • Vlan 12, SSID = Student

  • Security Policy = Open (No Encryption)

  • Captive Portal with Radius Authentication enabled on this Vlan.

Hope this help.

thanks for your answer TK,

we using radius/ldap for connection authentication student and staff with cable connection, will figure later what the best, may be we keep using mikrotik for authentication and using for traffic balance and management
what is definition for Recommended Users on peplink balance ?


Please find the model comparison here.

Hope this help.