2.4ghz broadcasted channel seen but unable to connect

I have a pepwave sure soho mk3 I’ve been using for about two and a half years, all of the sudden (that I’m aware of at least) my 2.4 ghz ssid channel that’s being broadcasted connects for a few hours then stops connections. I can still see the broadcast but doesn’t allow me to connect to it. My 5ghz remains accessible just fine…

The firmware is 7.1.0 now and seems to be working fine. When I install 8.0.0 that.is.the one that seems to not let me connect after a period of time.

Any ideas?

no one has an idea? now even the 7.1.x firmware is doing the same thing. 2.4ghz channel up for a few hours then just stops. I can see the SSID but can not access it.


This can be related to WI-FI interference for the network. Do you have Wireless scanner running in the network that can help isolate this ?

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No I don’t, what is a WiFi scanner?