11ac Wave 2 is Now Available on the AP One AC Mini


We’re pleased to announce that we’ve upgraded our AP One AC Mini (APO-AC-MINI) to the 802.11ac Wave 2 platform. Featuring MU-MIMO technology, the new platform ensures performance in high client density wireless deployments. AP One access points are a perfect complement to Balance routers. Together they provide blazing speed and superior reliability across your entire network.

See Updated Specs

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I am confused however; I do not see any difference in the specs shown at the “See Updated Specs” link. With Wave2 should we not see MU-MIMO and support for 160 channels, resulting in higher throughput? The 300+866 Mbps throughout is the same as the “classic” mini.


Similar question: I see some retailers saying “hardware version 2” - is this the same thing as Wave 2, or is this an even newe model? Want to buy two of these and am interested in the newest release.

@reebok, @soylentgreen

New AP One AC Mini uses upgraded radio 802.11ac Wave 2 with embedded Multi User MIMO technology.

160 MHz channel size is not supported. In practise 160 MHz cannot double the performance because:

  • throughput is more sensitive to noise
  • most stations don’t support 160 MHz channels
  • signals are usually too weak from stations to keep enough SNR
  • DFS requirements add negative impact

Technically AP One AC Mini is hardware version 2 product now. HW2 key is important when you need to find proper firmware image.

The datasheet is updated regarding MU-MIMO. Thanks.

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