100 Peer License for Balance 380 and 580 Now Available!


In response to customer demand, we have prepared a license that enables 100 SpeedFusion peers for the Balance 380 and 580! This is particularly useful for deployments where you need to connect to numerous small but secure sites such as ATM, kiosks, POS, and M2M applications.

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Hi Alan,
Does the SFN-LC-100 license enable additional 100 IPSec peers or it applies only to SpeedFusion peers?


It’s only for SpeedFusion Peers :sweat_smile:


Hello Alan what is the price of this Balance 380?


Hi mikej,

for the pricing you should contact the peplink-dealer of your trust :wink:



hello Dennis can you please refers me with one?


Where are you located?


thanks Dennis.
please i which to know i have a Balance 210 with a licenses of 5 PepVPN. i have 5 branches running already.
i want to add two new branches what can i do?
urgent please.