1 @ Balance 305 in HQ + 3 @ Balance 30 in remote branches

OK - Here goes my dilemma;

We have our Toronto HQ and 3 remote branches in Edmonton / Vancouver / Calgary…
Toronto office has a Peplink Balance 305
All three branch offices have Peplink Balance 30

We had everything set up via IPsec VPN w/Preshared Key, etc. and it was working fine with TWO branches + Toronto HQ.
When we recently added the latest office (Calgary), it doesn’t appear to establish connection to this new office.

Is there a limitation with the Balance series that only allow TWO concurrent branch VPN connections?
I have all the details, and can provide more if this isn’t the simple answer…
Please help!!

The Balance 305 supports up to 20 IPsec VPNs. Are there any differences with the new office internet connection, etc?

No - this new addition was configured the EXACT same way as the other two branches… <-> [TORONTO to EDMONTON] *Works fine <-> [TORONTO to VANCOUVER] *Works fine <-> [TORONTO to CALGARY] *Won’t connect

All units utilizing the same Preshared Key config:
*Main Mode
*Phase 1 (IKE) Proposal: AES-256 & SHA1
*Phase 1 DH Group: Group 2: MODP 1024
*Phase 2 (ESP) Proposal: AES-256 & SHA1
*Phase 2 PFS Group: None

***The only additional NOTE to clarify is that the HQ (Toronto) Office is the Balance 305. The 3 remote branches are all Balance 30.

Any thoughts?
I’m in quite a fix here and client is demanding resolution ASAP.
I really appreciate any assistance that you can offer.

Is there any reason why you are using IPSec instead of PepVPN?

Does the Calgary location have a static WAN IP?

Yes - All 4 locations including HQ have static IP addresses.
I’ve always been in the habit of using IPsec as it was a standard that I was familiar with.
Is there any complication into setting up PepVPN in my particular configuration of 4 branches?

…On a related note: Would it be possible to have any kind of telephone / remote assistance from Peplink in this initial PepVPN setup?
(If so - what would be the associated cost, if any)

Thanks in advance for your prompt reply!!

Can you temporarily disconnect Edmonton or Vancouver and see if Calgary will come up?

Thanks for your input on this situation…

This issue is now RESOLVED - And the final outcome was as follows:
I temporarily disabled the EDMONTON VPN service, and nothing seemed to improve.
While EDMONTON was still disabled, I power cycled the CALGARY PepLink Balance 30, and when it came back online, it authenticated and connected successfully.
I re-established the EDMONTON VPN, and it also established connection successfully to our Toronto HQ.
…Everything is now working properly - so presumably just summed-up as some kind of ‘hiccup’.

Thanks for the update, glad it’s up and running :up: