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Not just for business! (5)
Surf SOHO Personal Record (3)
Uptime beyond expectations (2)
Great stuff! (3)
Rock on Peplink (2)
My response to the question "Are you happy with Peplink?" (1)
2 thumbs up for Peplink's customer service (2)
Our favorite products are from Peplink (2)
Many Thanks (2)
Fantastic (5)
+1 Happy Customer (1)
Have long story of business with peplink (2)
Highly recommend Peplink Balance & Peplink Team (3)
Im with the other guy, where do I post complaints? (6)
Really appreciate the product, design and support (2)
More than happy (3)
Where Do I Post If I'm Not a Happy Customer? (3)
Another happy Peplink user! (2)
Thanks to support, specifically Keith. Though one point of concern (2)
Thanks to Peplink Support Haruki and Jason (1)
Peplink installation paid for with less than a year's savings (1)
Another Happy Customer - including Cost analysis (Australia) (4)