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OpenVPN Support ( 2 3 4 5 ) (91)
On what WAN is a host generating traffic? (6)
Route table display (16)
No need to set VLAN IP address (3)
Balance Config Converter b20 to one core (2)
Need a diffrent level on the login (2)
Vlan Ppoe on WAN interface (8)
Layer 2 Bridge support for FusionHub (11)
IC2 Group Reporting of Wireless Service per router (1)
Expanded Internal DNS Records (4)
Peplink DNS, DNSSEC, EDNS (18)
802.1p Class of Service (7)
Ping count increase (1)
Role-based access control (RBAC) With LDAP Authentication (1)
RSS Feed for firmware downloads on website (3)
Request new feature (1)
How to add Names column to built-in usage reporting (3)
Allow PPTP VPN clients to connect with a static IP (17)
Greater Granular Details on Cellular Reports within InControl2 for Pepwave MAX routers (1)
Longer reporting times (2)
The future of DNS is encryption (3)
Peplink routers and InControl2 for machine monitoring (1)
Opening/closing VPN ports on a per WAN basis (4)
NMEA GPSRMV supporting IMEI reporting (2)
Inclusion of 2 Signals (4)
FirstNet Device Approval/Certification (4)
Artificial Inteligence for Balance Routers to Improve ISP link Usage (2)
HD2 dome WAN port (1)
WiFi WAN support on the Balance One (2)